Wednesday, 14 February 2018

French Elite Infantry - Progress

I have been making slow progress on the elite companies for the 5th Regiment. I have got to the point where I am the white bits (cross belts,straps and piping).  Its at this point I feel that I am finally getting somewhere at the end is in sight. 

For this unit I am also doing a coke can flag.  I have the basic colours added.  The next part will adding the embroidered details. This may take some time.

I hope this will be completed by the weekend ready for varnishing and basing.

Once this unit is done I will have enough figured done for a small game of Austro/Prussian/British vs French.

I plan to paint some cavalry next.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Classic British Napoleonics - comparison

A recent Ebay purchase has added to my British Napoleonic refurb pile. I now have a few figures from a number of the ranges available in the early 70s.

The first image shows figures which I am fairly sure are Alberken/early minifigs.  The codes I believe are left to right:-

BN4 Rifleman Officer
BN3 Rifleman on Guard
BN23 Light Infantry Firing ?
BN22 Light Infantry Advancing ?
BN26 Line Infantryman on guard ?

Update.  I have added a link to Old Metal Detector blog which shows the first 2 figures in an old Alberken boxed set.

The full list can be found here:-

The next image is a comparison of some the classic figures, from different manufacturers, I have awaiting refurb.

Left to right these are:- Hinton Hunt, Minifig, Minifig,  Rose, Les Higgins and Garrison.

The Higgins figures are a bit wooden and The Garrison is taller.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Airfix Thatched Cottage

The weather is a bit dodgy here today with temperatures at zero with snow flurries.  However this meant that my sons Rugby match in Settle was cancelled. 

I used the time to do some painting on the French 5th Regiment however my painting  mojo was not there.

Before Christmas I had bought some old Airfix kits and I thought why not do a bit of gluing instead of painting.

The kit looks to have been made around  1978 so it is about 40 years old.

The kit was complete and looked nice and easy to do. Just the ticket for a Sunday afternoon. 20 minutes later and it was built.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Prussians are in the woods!

Over years the I have had various Napoleonic wargame armies in different scales. I have collected most of the major, and many minor, nationalities. However I have never had a Prussian army. When I started my classic Napoleonic last year I decided that I was going to do some Prussians. 

I have so far managed to get 2 units of Hinton Hunt original cavalry units and  a recast Blucher. Today the postman delivered a small parcel and to my delight I now have some Prussian Infantry. 

These figures are part of trade with Tony S who is getting my Garrison French in exchange. Part of the fun of collecting classic Napoleonics is the searching and buying figures and exchanging figures with other gamers. 

I now have 3 Infantry units in my painting pile,  First up is s unit of DK Line Infantry including a standard bearer.

I had originally got in contact with Tony via a post on Matt's blog regarding sone DK Lutzowers. Tony had included this unit in the trade and he has added a couple of Prussian command figures. I am very pleased with this unit and it will go with my Lutzow Lancers.

And last but not least a unit of DK Jagers with Officer and Hornist figures.

I now have quiet a queue of classic figures to paint. I have decided I need to sit down and have a painting plan.  My first objective is to finish the French 5th Line by the end of January.

Monday, 1 January 2018

5th Regiment de Ligne

This morning I finished varnishing the first 2 Fusilier companies of the 5th. This unit will be formed using Alberken/early Minifigs and will consist of:-

14 Fusiliers (FN30)
8 Elites (FN15)
1 Eagle bearer (FN26)
1 Line Officer (FN25)

I decided to do a paint restoration on these figures rather than a full strip as the original figures had the main block colours completed.

This is how the figures started out.

These figures do not have the detail that is found on similar Hinton Hunt figures but will mix well on the table.

I decided to form these as the 5th Regiment de Ligne after the scene from the film Waterloo where Napoleon strides out alone in front of the bayonets of the 5th regiment, crying: "If you want to kill your emperor, here I am!" 

They defect to him immediately.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

French Fusiliers

Over on the Hinton Spieler blog Matt has been showcasing his new Battalion, of rather nice French Infantry, using Garrison miniatures.

The Garrison figure pose is a classic used by many of the figure makers of the time. In all I have 4 different Fusiliers in a similar pose in my lead pile.

From left to right they are Garrison (FN7), Alberken/Minifig (FN30), Les Higgins (NF11) and finally Hinton Hunt (FN5)

The Alberken  and Hinton figure are stylistically similar. The Alberken was I understand designed by Peter Gilder and does appear rather similar to the HH one.

I think they are close enough that I may even mix Alberken elites with HH Fusiliers in the same unit. Is this sacrilege ?

Of the 4 figures the Les Higgins figure has the crisper detail but, as is common with this range, has a rather wooden demeanour.  I have enough Higgins figures to make a couple of French units in the lead pile.

The Garrison figure has one difference in that he his advancing with his weight on the left leg. His body is moving forwards whilst the other figures seem to be in a more defencive posture.

Does this make the Garrison figure more Gallic?

I  am currently painting a French Alberken unit and hope to have the first figures finished for the New Year.


Following the comment by LG I have added a few more photos of the FN5 figure.  The underside of the base has the HH code.

I have compared the figure with another FN5. They look similar but.

The pose is different with the head position and shako size shown up below.

So its the figure in white a Hinton Hunt ?

As I intend to mix them with Alberken/minifigs in a unit the answer to that question is perhaps not important.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

French General

Musket and Marshals needs quiet a few officer figures to lead the troops to victory.

I have finished a generic French officer using a JC recast one piece figure (FN224)

This is a very nice casting and had very little flash to clean.

I have not yet given him a name but no doubt something will come to mind.

I have also finished my 16 British Fusiliers to make up a 2nd Fusilier unit - the 23rd Fusiliers

The cast on flags were tricky to paint but seem to have come out ok.

I have tried to match these newly painted  figures (on the left) with the renovated ones I picked up at Oxfam on the right.