Friday, 17 February 2017

Les Higgins

I painted these figures a while back but did not finish them. However inspired by the iconic images on the Hinton Spieler - blog - I thought I would finish and base them up.

These are painted as Hessian types and will be used for my Electorate of Furstenburg-Lederhosen forces. There opponents will be the imperial troops of Maxony.

Gloss finished and based on mdf painted with humbrol green (no 80).

I have enough infantry to paint another unit and some cavalry for a couple of squadrons.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The ideal Wargaming Opponent

On the AMG forum there has been discussion on books on the Battle of Minden.

One of the books mentioned was written  by Howard Cole for the Knight's Battles for Wargamers.

I bought a secondhand  copy many years ago for 50 pence.

Whilst flicking through the book I came across this paragraph written by Peter Young in the Introduction. It made me smile.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Klien Mollwitz

The battle of Mollwitz is one of the classic wargame battles. I have fought the battle on a number of occasions.

The recent publication of 'Refighting History Vol 2' by Charles S Grant, and John Rays planning and preparation for refighting the battle on the AMG forum, has piqued my interest in refighting the battle again.

My challenge is that my only easily accessible surface is my kitchen table. While this is extentable to approx 8ft it is limited to a meagre 32 inches.

I am therefore now looking to play a kitchen table sized version of the battle using my 28mm collection. The rules will be The Wargame played using 1/2 scale measurements.

My plan is underway for Klien Mollwitz.

My Infantry units are 30 figures and Grenadiers 24. Cavalry are in 6 figure units.

So using the orders of battle in Refighting History I have distilled them down to the following. The ratio I have used is 1 infantry representing 100 and 1 cavalryman equally 150


3 Infantry units
9 Cavalry units
1 Hussar unit
1 gun


4 Infantry units
2 Grenadier units
4 Cavalry units
1 Hussar unit
1 gun

The table will measure 60 by 32

I need to prep a few figures before I play the game

It will be interesting to see if works.  If it does then I will see what other classics I can distill to the small table.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Thoughts on gaming the SYW in 6mm

Having played my first game with my 6mm figures I have today reflected on how the game played using Charles Grant War Game rules

Firstly we used cms instead of inches. This worked very well with movement rates and ranges looking and feeling right. I used a 2ft square piece of mdf and this equated to a 5ft square table.  This means my humble kitchen table using 6mm will represent a 15ft by 8 ft table if using 28mm figures. Plenty of room to refight Mollwitz, Lobositz and Kolin.

The other point is that I can use my small painting table for small games.  My next game is set up and I plan to play this with my son Max tomorrow

Secondly I had to adopt a number of amendments for the smaller scale chaps. I am not sure the Artillery stick and cannister cone is going to be work. I may try making some scaled down versions to see. For this game we used the artillery rules from 'Charge'.

Another considerstion was how to represent Officers and how to cause loses.

For Infantry I am going to check if an officer is lost for every 6 rankers lost.  If a 5 or 6 is thrown an officer is lost however he can be saved on a saving roll of 5 or 6. If an officer is lost a second roll is made and if a 6 is thrown the CO is lost with the resultant -2 to morale checks.

For light Infantry and Cavalry both are organzed in squadrons and companies of 6 figures. For every figure lost a die is rolled with the same 5 or 6 officer lost with 5 or 6 saving throw.

In melee is a bit more complicated. So here is an example. Two squadrons are engaged in melee - 6 figures a side.  4 melees sre fought as rankers vs rankers. The final 2 melees are officer vs ranker. If side loses its officer the unit is lost and removed from play.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last game of the year

My younger brother Matthew is visiting for New Years Eve with his wife. As the wives and children were out we decided to have a SYW game using my 6mm collection.

Matthew was my regular opponent when we were kids and this was our first game in some 20 years.  I commanded the Prussians and had the simple objective of capturing the village of Ilklewitz. It was to prove a tough nut to cracking. 

The Austrians deployed their artillery and infantry in the village.  The Grenz were on the Austrian left with their Cuirassier in reserve.

Without any artillery to support the attack I decided to launch my infantry and close as quickly as possible with the defenders in the village.

My cuirassier on my right also took the initiative and charged their opposite numbers. One of my squadrons catches an Austrian squadron at the halt.

My infantry are able to close to musketry range before the Austrian artillery cause any casualties. Both pieces missed with their two first shots.

The Grenz finding no opposition in front of them deploy out of the woods.

My Infantry advance to close range before opening fire against the Austrian artillery and infantry. This initial volley proved to be less effective than I had hoped. It was not helped when 2 of my volleys cause 7 hits against an Austrian 6 figure volley unit only for one figure to be hit 6 times.

Undeterred one of my infantry unit, despite losing its CO, charges into the village. It was to prove the Prussian high water mark.

My second battalion however does not receive the order to charge and with the Grenz now on their flank and causing more loses reach 50% casualties and forced to withdraw.

The battered Prussians realise the game is up and concede.

We used the War Game rules with some house amendments and substituted cms for inches.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

More 6mm Austrians

I have finished a few more Austrian 6mm figures over the Christmas break.

First some Austrian command stands seen here posing in front of my first home 6mm trees.

A closer look. I used one pence pieces for both the command stands and trees.

I am planning a small game with my son Max in the next few days and I only have one Austrian Infantry unit painted up. So I decided  to add a couple of companies of Slavonisch-Peterwardeiner Grenzer.

My 6mm collection armies are slowly growing. For the Prussians I have 2 Infantry units and a Cuirassier unit. For the Austrians I have 1 Infantry and 1 Cuirassier unit supported by 2 guns and 2 companies of Grenz.

Enough for a small game using the War Game rules.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Austrian 6mm SYW Artillery

I finished some Baccus 6mm Austrian Artillery today.  I am using 2 bases per battery for the War Game.

In addition to Field Artillery I intend to add a battalion gun and 2 crew to each of my 48 figure regiments.